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Avidemux free download for windows 7


Avidemux 2.6.14

A Simple, Open Source And Resourceful Video Editor, Avidemux

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Avidemux 2.6.14

Avidemux Review:

 The gaining momentum in open source based products arise from the enthusiasm and motivation among individuals to create and design software that are great in performance and features. It satisfies their urge to the fullest. Video editors also fall into this category where there are lots of products in the market, but they all have some or the other issues like platform dependency or performance bugs.


 This is an open source based product that allows cutting, filtering and editing videos easily. The software is backed by powerful algorithms that makes your job easy and smooth. It is distributed under the GPL license. It is available for multiple platforms like Linux, which is the largest user, BSD, Mac and Windows. The best part is that this program is build with contributions from many and hence, there are a lot of perspectives and ways in which it works.


 Video Filter Manager is a novel addition to this software and it is usually not found in other proprietary software provided by other vendors. 

 This is a collection of nicely written filters to create beautiful effects on your frames. They are listed under seven categories and there are many filters in each one of them. It allows usual transformations, interlacing, colors, noise and sharpness control and there is even a tag called miscellaneous. The Main Window is a very neat and clean interface. There are just three main buttons to add video, audio and set the file type. It also has a lot of other options, but they are hidden under the popup menus.

 Platform Support

 The downloads page of Avidemux is enough to indicate its compatibility. It supports a lot of platforms, only desktop versions, through its code once and recompile strategy. The source code can be changed via scripting. It allows you to even automate usual tasks by creating projects, job queue and coding them using its powerful script. 

 The good thing for developers is that the binaries are freely available and redistributable. They can create patches and add them to the code. 

 Translations and bug reports are always welcome and any changes will be reflected in the original code if found suitable for the next release.

 A lot of time the result of strong motivation can become the general norm among many others except the one who created it and then the power of simple initiatives from unknown individuals come to the lime light.

Changes on the new version:
* A lot more is now translatable (D. Amm)
* Hungarian translation (rezso)
* German translation update (euma)
* French translation update
* PT/BR translation partially fixed
* Dannish translation update (scootergrisen)

* Qtx : Automatically check if a new version is available once a day
* WIN32 : Reverted to MXE cross compiler, XP now works again
* OSX : Fixed the packager, it should work every time now (no more borked dmg)

* Decoding : Deal with corrupted stream in a nicer way (H264/TS)
* Decoding : Enable lagarith
* Decoding : Support for flac through libavcodec
* VDPAU : Try harder to release resources at exit
* Demuxer : Image loader improved and cleaned up, more jpeg formats are supported
* Editor : Try to deal better with corrupted audio in copy mode
* TS : Add support for new EAC3 identifier such as the ones used by numericable / DVB-T
* Encoder : Fix most of the libavcodec based encoders
Avidemux screenshotAvidemux screenshotAvidemux screenshotAvidemux screenshot

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OS Support: Win2003, Win2000, Win7 x64, WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win8 x32, Win8 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10,

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Date added: 25 May 2015

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